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Specialized solutions for the protection of Health & Financial Wellness including:


Medical Insurance

Comprehensive medical insurance coverage is an important part of your Health and Financial Wellness.  There are now so many more carriers and plan options available than in previous years that it can be overwhelming.  On-Exchange vs. Off-Exchange? ACA vs. non-ACA? And, that is just the beginning.  We have been navigating the evolving medical insurance options for (30) years.  Let us help you design options that optimize your Access, Coverage, Protection and Value.


Dental Insurance

Dental care is about more than just your teeth.  Having regular dental exams and cleanings can even help detect other serious health conditions such as heart disease and diabetes.  There are many options available, ranging from discount programs to comprehensive dental insurance that include coverage for implants and orthodontia. 


Disability Income Protection

If you are a business owner and need specialized coverage to meet payroll, rent, and provide cash flow to run your business in times of disability, there are plans designed to do just that.  Also available are plans to replace your income and cover your personal expenses in times of disability. Call us for a free consultation to learn about the many specialized options available.


Legal Protection Plans

Whether you need legal consultation/advice for your business or your family, legal protection plans provide an affordable method of obtaining legal services from top rated law firms across the country.  Document and contract review, debt collection, estate planning and document preparation, and more – all included with an affordable monthly fee.


Life Insurance

Life insurance is the best way to protect the financial security of your loved ones, when you can no longer support them.  Whether it is paying off a mortgage or other debt, funeral expenses, college tuition, or covering costs of living in a retirement home, life insurance protects those you leave behind in so many ways.  There are many types of coverage available and many personal situations to consider.  Let us partner with you to help evaluate your family’s needs and navigate the coverage options.


Vision Insurance

Regular eye exams are critical for your vision.  Vision plans are designed to assist you with exams, glasses, and contact lenses.  In addition, regular eye exams assist in early diagnosis of more serious eye conditions such as glaucoma, cataracts and macular degeneration.  Early diagnosis is key in getting proper medical treatment for more serious eye and health conditions. 


Accident/Critical Illness Insurance

Even with medical insurance coverage, when accidents and illnesses occur, they can create financial burdens for individuals or families.  Out of pockets costs, deductibles, and other unexpected expenses can be paid through plans that supplement your medical coverage.  


Identity Theft Protection Plans

Identity theft continues to be one of the top consumer complaints year after year.  Criminals are getting smarter and more of your data is in the digital world than ever before.  Comprehensive protection, monitoring and full identity restoration are key when you are a victim of identity theft.  Individual and family coverage is available for an affordable monthly fee.

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